(The Episode Starts with Lucy turning on a camera, it is in Black and White at first, but then comes to color, Lucy then sighs)

Lucy: Oh, Hello, my name is Lucy Loud, oldest of the younger Loud sisters. I'm 8 years old and going into the 3rd grade.

(Lucy then sighs again)

Lucy: I have to share a room with my older sister, Lynn. She's annoying, but we somehow manage to make it work.

(Lynn throws a ball that hits Lucy)

Lynn: Watch yourself! Improve your reflex!

Lucy: Sigh, I hate when she does this to me. She plays like this with all siblings and doesn't get not all of them like it.

Lynn: Who are you talking to Luce? To your imaginary friends, ghosts?

Lucy: Boo!

(Lynn runs away screaming)

Lucy: This always works. She has no right to disrespect my best friends. I speak to ghosts since I was five.

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