Lucy Loud

Lucy Loud.

Lucy Loud is a 8 year old goth girl who loves all things mysterious. She uses Lincoln's video camara to record. She is the focus of the show. She is ignored most of the time in her family. She is also the main character in the series

Relationships Edit

Lincoln Loud Edit

Lincoln and Lucy have a good Relationship. Lincoln is one of the only one of Lucy's siblings who really ever talks to her. Lincoln always defends her from bullies.

Haiku Webbs Edit

Haiku is Lucy's best friend. They share a lot of intrests.

Clyde McBride Edit

Clyde McBride and Lucy have a neutral relaionship. Haiku is dating Clyde so Lucy is kinda the third wheel when he's around.

Lynn Loud Edit

Lucy and Lynn have a kind of good relationship. They fight some times, but overall they're pretty good, and they share a room.